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Psychotherapist (LCSW), EMDR Practitioner

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

  • Individual Psychotherapy (ages 15+)

  • Mind-Body Group Therapy


Atlanta office - Decatur, GA

Online sessions via Zoom

  • Relationship Issues & Identity Development

  • Trauma, Complex PTSD, Grief and Loss

  • Disordered Eating and Self-Love


Hey there! I’m glad you’re here. As your therapist, my ultimate goal is to empower you as the author of your own story. Together, we'll cultivate self-compassion, tap into your innate capacity for growth, and create a life that resonates with your deepest values and aspirations.

I'm dedicated to tailoring our work to your unique needs by seamlessly integrating various therapeutic modalities. A key part of my approach involves blending two transformative methods: Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Think of IFS like a journey of self-discovery. We'll explore the different parts of you - your thoughts, emotions, and experiences - in a safe, compassionate way. We'll understand why these parts exist and help them heal, so you can lead your own life with confidence and kindness.

EMDR, on the other hand, is like a reset button for difficult memories. We'll work through distressing experiences from your past, helping you to process and reframe them. This not only lessens their emotional impact but also strengthens your resilience and sense of control in the present.

As a therapist, I am warm and compassionate; providing space for you to feel seen, heard, and understood.  I celebrate all identities, and I employ a social justice-informed approach in my practice with clients. I believe it is always important to consider how macro factors, such as oppression and social injustice, affect individual well-being. In our therapeutic partnership, you'll find a safe and supportive space for your personal journey towards healing and fulfillment!



Mikayla practices EMDR, DBT, Trauma-Focused CBT, IFS-informed EMDR, and Play Therapy.
Her approach is always client-centered, trauma-informed, and personally tailored to each client's goals.

She specializes in working with teens and adults trying to overcome:

  • anxiety & stress

  • perfectionism

  • people-pleasing

  • relationship issues

  • chronic stress & burnout

  • grief & loss

  • complex trauma

  • identity development

  • disordered eating


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