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Welcome to Kula Wellness Group, a leading provider of holistic mind-body wellness therapies designed to cultivate the powerful connection between the mind and body. Co-Founders Amber and Kelly, both experienced professionals in the fitness industry and Licensed Professional Counselors combined their knowledge and experience and developed the idea of a community based on compassion and understanding of the whole person. This unique combination of backgrounds and the idea of creating a powerful community of professionals and clients creating fulfilling lives led to the creation of Kula Wellness Group. The mind-body connection is at the core of all of our services​ and business as a whole. Kula Wellness Group reflects our deep intention to honor this connection and serves as a testament to our commitment to providing transformative experiences through psychotherapy, yoga, personal training and an array of offerings that promote overall well-being. Experience the synergy of mind and body with Kula Wellness Group, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and holistic healing.


Kula Wellness Group promotes positive change by catalyzing self-discovery through the delivery of accountability and empowerment with our dynamic array of services that foster mental and physical health.


We envision a world of enlightened individuals committed to the betterment of themselves and their communities. These individuals are rooted in the balance of mind and body, which is the foundation for self-discovery and understanding one’s core. Once an individual connects to their core self, they act with self-knowledge and intention to create positive change in their own lives to achieve wellness across the lifespan. In addition, they share their unique strengths and knowledge within their communities to enhance the wellbeing of the world around them.


Kula is a Sanskrit word (the original language of yoga) that is most often translated to community, clan, or tribe. It is often used in the context of describing fellow village or family members. There is a warmness to the word Kula that alludes to connection and compassion within a community, which is exactly aligned with the values of Kula Wellness Group!


Our name Kula embodies two important connections:

  1. The connection we have with each other in this community

  2. The connection we inevitably have within ourselves between our mind and body


Our team at Kula Wellness Group is composed of therapists, counselors, yoga instructors, fitness professionals, and other mind and body healers who have been certified and trained in various modalities to help you achieve your own personal growth and wellness. 


Our clients and community members range from young children to teens and adults of all ages!
We are bound together by the shared interest in pursuing wellness. Our community accepts all bodies, genders, identities, faiths, and lifestyles, and we commit to creating safe and accepting spaces for all humans to express themselves authentically.


There are many different ways to connect with us and our community: at our Decatur office, at our Peachtree Corners office, and virtually across the country! Please see our Services page for more details on both in-person and virtual offerings. 


*Please note that our offerings for minors will be specifically labeled as such.


Atlanta Office 

Decatur, GA

Centrally located to our Metro Atlanta residents, the Kula Wellness Group headquarters is conveniently located in Decatur, Georgia near downtown Decatur. Our headquarters features an indoor multi-use yoga & therapy room, an additional therapy office, and a virtual conference center. We also have access to an outdoor lawn for yoga, mind & body wellness, and book club.

Gwinnett Office

Peachtree Corners, GA

Located in Gwinnett county, our Norcross office is near Duluth, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs. Our satellite office features 1 multi-use yoga and group therapy room and 1 therapy office and a key pad protected private entrance.

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