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Amber Amick

CEO & Psychotherapist

Amber’s clients are often Atlanta metro residents healing from: women’s issues, traumas from childhood and adulthood, sexual abuse, autoimmune illnesses, unbalanced or unhealthy relationships, fertility and/or motherhood concerns, perfectionism, people pleasing, living an unbalanced life, exploring and/or finding their sexual identity, learning disabilities, anxiety, and depression.Amber serves clients through one on one counseling sessions, group therapy, and workshops. ​

Amber is an Atlanta based holistic psychotherapist and believes in creating an open and trusting environment where clients can feel safe to express themselves honestly. Amber’s therapy practice often includes a mind-body-soul approach. She uses a blend of techniques and theories when working with clients including: mindfulness, somatic experiencing, art therapy, internal family systems, existential theory, prayer, meditation, and talk therapy. 

Amber meets her clients with warmth, compassion and empathy.In session Amber listens intently and provides reflective feedback to clients resulting in validation, healthy challenge, or further exploration of the topic. Amber's offers support and education for clients in therapy in order for them to become the healthiest and truest version of themselves in all aspects of their lives.


Amber Amick
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