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Psychotherapist, Masters-Level Counselor

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

  • Individual Psychotherapy 

  • Couples and Marriage Therapy

  • Mind-Body Group Therapy


Atlanta office - Decatur, GA

Gwinnett office - Peachtree Corners, GA

Online sessions via Zoom

  • Couples Therapy

  • Adult ADHD/Neurodiversity

  • Relationship Issues

  • Anxiety, Attention, and Emotion Regulation


I help my clients draw strength from within to heal from and grow beyond the obstacles they've faced in life.  I believe as humans, we often show grace to others before we show grace to ourselves.  My role in the therapeutic journey is to empower clients to develop a positive and healthy view of themselves, to show them ways to maintain that self-love while navigating life's triumphs and hardships. 


My clients are neurodiverse and seeking relief from anxiety, depression or the impact their neurodiversity has on their relationships with others (romantic, platonic, professional, academic, etc.). My therapeutic approach is person-centered, and utilizes cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness to help me support clients through their healing journey to the relief they seek. 


Therapy sessions should be a safe place for clients to seek refuge from the hard work of balancing daily life and begin the important work of healing from trauma.  My therapeutic style allows me to be my client's mirror, to hold them accountable for their stated goals and expectations in a way that promotes self-love even when they don't feel like they're "winning" in life.  Accountability is how we measure our walk through life, not comparing ourselves to others who may not have our story or circumstance, but comparing ourselves to the best version of us we desire to be. 


I'm honored to be part of a client's journey through self-discovery and to celebrate with them when they reach self-actualization - which is the ultimate "win" in terms of mental health.



Lillie practices psychotherapy under the supervision and direction of Amber Amick, LPC, NCC and Kelly Pierce, LPC, NCC.

She specializes in working with adult individuals and couples experiencing:

  • relationship issues

  • anxiety

  • parents & partners of neurodiverse individuals

  • ADHD/neurodivergence

  • focus issues

  • neurodiversity in the relationship

  • trauma

  • grief with late diagnosis ADHD

  • feeling stuck in your relationship


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