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Now accepting applications for our Kids Anxiety Busters Group


Are you concerned about a child demonstrating...

  • persistent fears about future events, family issues, or academic performance, and you see them struggling with the unpredictable waves of deep emotion

  • frequent headaches, stomachaches, or other unexplained physical complaints

  • difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing nightmares

  • avoiding certain places, activities, or social interactions that trigger anxiety

  • constantly feeling on edge, having difficulty relaxing, or displaying irritability and mood swings


This Kid Focused Anxiety Busters Group was created for that child.

Our goal is to provide the child you care for a group that helps to reduce their anxiety symptoms by teaching effective coping strategies and improving emotional regulation. Our group aims to enhance their social skills and interactions with peers, fostering a supportive environment where they can express their feelings without judgment. Additionally, the group seeks to boost the children’s self-esteem and resilience by achieving small, manageable successes, ultimately helping them feel more confident and equipped to handle anxiety-inducing situations.


  • Education & movement every week, specifically tailored to moving through anxiety and fear

  • Community support from other kids who are moving through similar experiences in their lives

  • A safe space to process emotions, and personalized recommendations for each child

  • Build self-awareness around their personal experience of anxiety in their brain and body

  • Understand how anxiety impacts them physically, energetically, mentally, & emotionally

  • Learn evidence-based tools to help them regulate their nervous system and increase feelings of balance and regulation

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And the best perk of all... supporting your child's mental health & physical health simultaneously!


How long does the group run for?

This is a 8-week closed group, meaning that we ask each member to commit to the group for 8 weeks. Showing up with the same people consistently is what creates the beautiful power of community support!


How can I join?

Click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation call with the group leader, Sara Cook. You will fill out a few application questions as you're booking the call. During the consultation call, you and a Kula staff member will discuss your goals for the group, and discuss next steps!

What is the cost?

Each 60-minute group session is $35.

Where is it located?

Our groups are held in our Gwinnett and Decatur offices as well as on Zoom. When you have your consultation call, our team member will provide you with the best fit based on your child's needs.

What happens if I miss a group session?

Although we encourage you to attend as many group sessions as possible to get the most out of this group, we realize that life happens and sometimes you can't make every session! If you have to miss, your group leader will send you any applicable resources from the group session.

How many people are in the group?

This group will have up to 6 group members.

I've got more questions! Who can I reach out to?

Email us at and we will be happy to answer any other questions you have!

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Sara Cook has been working with kids and teens for the past 10 years. She has been running groups in metro Atlanta schools since 2022.

She is currently completing her Master of Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling at Mercer University and is expected to graduate in Summer of 2024.

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Your child deserves holistic support for their anxiety.
Apply to join an Anxiety Busters Group today!

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